The orders of clothing that has to be customized must be made only after having contacted the Customer Service to agree on the number, type and size of logos, numbers, etc. and having accepted the consequent price quotation.

The Customer Service will send you, by mail, detailed instructions on how to deliver the graphics, on processing time (generally a few days) and on how payments must be made.

If an order has already been made and you wish to add customizations, please contact the Customer Service as soon as possible in order to stop the shipment of the ordered material or part of it in order to apply the described procedure.

You can use the Contact Form briefly describing the task to be carried out, the clothing concerned and the quantities. You will be promptly contacted.

We choose the best brands for the materials with which we customize clothings. So, the quality of the final product is very high and we give it to you at a very good price.

Generally this service is intended for sports associations, however, it is possible to personalize also individual items even for private customers but, in this case, they have no longer the right of withdrawal.